Open for Business November Profile: Target Oak Park

What can you buy at the new small-format Target in Oak Park?

Groceries. Electronics. Apparel. Exercise supplies. Greeting cards. Toys. Housewares. There’s a small Starbuck’s right inside, in case you need a pick-me-up while shopping. The essentials and then some.

Ivan Bahena—store manager—talked with me recently about this new, small-format Target. He mentioned that, sometimes, multiple guests comment on a product they would like this story to carry. One example is baby apparel. Bahena got enough requests that he passed the idea up the line. Within two weeks, the store was stocking children’s and baby clothes, including holiday onesies and party dresses for the toddler set.

Ivan laughs that not all of his customer requests are fulfilled. He says, “My message has been: I can try, but I can’t make any promises. At the end of the day, there’s only so much I can do with the space we have available. But if it makes sense, if it’s multiple requests from multiple guests, I will send the communication up.” He says, “I am more than willing to listen to your feedback and to work with you.”

Bahena—his persona and his promise—is a great example of the service that Target is famous for. He has worked for Target for 13 years. When he had the opportunity to become manager of this new store, he jumped at the chance. Bahena, who great up in Chicago and now lives in Logan Square, says, “I am really excited to join [the Oak Park] community.”

At 22,000 square feet in this small-format size, they can’t stock everything. However, Bahena notes that, by using online, a customer can order any item Target carries and have it delivered to this store—and then simply drop in and pick it up when it’s ready. If the item is something this Target stocks, it will be ready within one hour. If it’s coming from another Target location, it might take 2-4 business days—at which point the customer will get a message that the item is waiting for them. Simply show and ID and go home with your goods.

Bahena wants customers to know there is ample parking for Target shopping located inside the Emerson building; visitors can enter from Westgate or Maple. The Target parking within that garage is clearly marked. The Holley Court garage is also nearby and, like all Village lots, free for the first hour and a half.

Bahena says, “Even though we’re small, we do have a little bit of everything.” He adds that all his customers will get the same Target promise personally from him: “a commitment of delivering low-price promise and delivering a great service for our guests.”  Just in time for holiday shopping.






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