“Where Else? Oak Park” Civic Brand Complete

The new civic brand for Oak Park, Illinois, uses a bold, contemporary palette and a slightly whimsical tone to communicate about Oak Park’s unique offerings. Branching out from the foundation of significant Frank Lloyd Wright works and important Hemingway history, Where Else? Oak Park uses “mash-ups” to show contemporary gems in visual conversation with twentieth-century masterpieces.

The brand was created by the design and placemaking firm Sasaki Inc. and built out by the design firm a5, with input from hundreds of local members of focus groups. Stakeholding agencies in Oak Park are now using the brand. Besides Where Else? Oak Park, two other taglines are Where the City Begins and The Best of Both Worlds.

Click this link to view the public-facing website, opwhereelse.com, that highlights the brand and presents information on Oak Park stakeholding organizations. Please direct any brand questions to Cameron Gearen, c.gearen@opdc.net



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