Oak Park Branding

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The Oak Park Economic Development Corporation is thrilled to lead a new civic brand strategy for the Village of Oak Park. In partnership with peer agencies and community stakeholders, OPEDC will develop a new strategy, supported by messaging and graphics, that resonates with an audience of potential investors, businesses, and residents. The new brand takes a two-pronged approach:


1. External Messaging

The brand will communicate the value of Oak Park to a regional and national target audiences. With a compelling message and a varied marketing mix, the brand will stimulate a dynamic and growing dynamic growth strategy.

2. Internal Messaging

The brand will align multiple agencies around a central idea. A visual identity and marketing toolkit will make make it easier for all stakeholders to promote the Village and create complementary marketing communications



Led by OPEDC, in partnership with peer agencies, the brand strategy will be developed by Sasaki, a Boston-based multidisciplinary design firm; a5 will provide marketing and communications support.


Oak Park Agencies

Village of Oak Park
Oak Park Economic Development Corporation
Downtown Oak Park
Oak Park Regional Housing Center
Oak Park Residence Corporation
Oak Park Housing Authority
Visit Oak Park
Oak Park-River Forest Chamber of Commerce
Oak Park Area Arts Council

Design Team

Sasaki + a5





The branding process will be inclusive and transparent, with regular opportunities for stakeholder and public input. Unfolding over four distinct phases, the brand was delivered in October of 2018.



Review the most recent materials produced in the course of the branding process, from concept drafts to presentations.